Magma Projects provides Project Management services to help companies successfully realize internal lead projects that deliver results.
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What we do and don't do

What we don't do!

  • Charge inflated fees to justify our overheads and hierarchical structure.
  • Sell you (or even attempt to sell you) a large complex project when all you require is short-term guidance / focus and medium-term or part-time support.
  • Flood your organisation with fresh-faced graduates with limited experience in industry, problem-solving and change.
  • Alter our team during your project unless it adds value to do so.
  • Make ourselves indispensable to your organisation, post-project.
  • Lock ourselves away with senior management and ignore the lower levels of the organisation where the product or service is delivered.
  • Say the 'right thing' at the expense of what we truly believe and our experience tells us.
  • Tell you we can help you with issues we can't.
  • Teach courses in course-rooms and disappear when it comes to actual implementation

What we really do!  

  • Enable your organization to identify and deliver the original 'Magma Project‘ and to ensure you are able to replicate this success in the future with little or no support from us. We accomplish this core goal through the transfer of skills and methodologies from our people to yours.
  • Add Value' to everyone we coach wherever they sit within your organisation.
  • Motivate your whole organisation to embrace change and the challenges it brings.
  • Help you identify roadblocks to change and improvement and make them transparent.
  • Guide the client through the often painful process of building an organization that makes fact-based decisions from the floor to the boardroom  
  • Improve your hands-on problem-solving skills
  • Ensure that your 'Magma Project' is totally aligned with the strategic direction of your business and stakeholders through a robust 'Project Definition Process'.
  • Help you 'Network' with other industries and clients so knowledge can be transferred between our Customers.
  • Point you in the right direction through our professional contacts in your industry if we do not have the expertise in-house to help you.
  • Build a strong relationship based upon trust, reliability and above all delivery through your people.
  • Make you glad you chose 'Magma Projects' as your partner.



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